Leo Stone Pouches

Leo Stone Pouches

Leo Stone Pouches

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This stone pouch contains 4 natural stones that are associated with the astrological sign of Leo. And were chosen for their positive impact on your aura field.

  • Blue Agate, Blue. This stone makes you friendlier, more communicative, and more convincing. It increases your appreciation of studying, traveling, and surmounting challenges. It inspires noble sentiments.
  • Petrified Wood, Brown. Fossilized wood helps you to resolve stagnant situations that seem to have no way out. It helps you to appreciate the past but not stay in it. It helps you to concentrate on the present and the opportunities promised.
  • Tiger Eye, Yellow and Brown. This stone improves your charisma and ability to influence others, while dampening your arrogance and stubbornness. It also helps you to find inner resources and also in others.
  • Clear Quartz, Clear. This stone grants clarity in ideas and actions and offers courage to face difficulties. It can soften the sharp edges in your character and helps you to find contact points with others.

Use these unique astrological crystal talismans for self-improvement and growth. To capture the energy of the stones, to overcome weaknesses and reinforce the character's strong points, just keep the stones with you: in your pocket, on your nightstand while you sleep, or in a jar in the room where you work.  The pouch contains four crystals attuned to the Leo astrological sign: two for amplifying your virtues and two for rectifying your weaknesses. Also included is a card that provides tips for using these powerful crystals.

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SKU# 719405
Size: 3 x 1 x 6 inches, Weight: 0.20 Lbs.
Comes in a silk lined velvet bag with a descriptor card.

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