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Fragrance that reaches one's soul has the power to change time and space into something valuable. Fragrance soothes the soul and purifies the mind.

In the art of aroma appreciation "Koh-do" that originated in Japan's Muromachi Era(1338-1573), distinguishing a fragrance is described as "listening to fragrance." "Listening" to the aromatic whisper in peace of mind.

Silk Road Traveler's collections of incenses, perfumes and sprays helps the seeker attain a profound state of tranquility that can carry him/her throughout the day or night. Our line of products comprised of the deepest scents that are created by non-compromising pursuit of "quality" which can be attained only by those who thoroughly know "the real thing." We search the world over to bring the best products that hold to our high standard of quality and purity.

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