Estela Preide
Estela Carson-Priede

Estela is a practicing astrologer for over 30years using traditional Western astrology as the basis for her analysis. Estela views the events of life as a growth experience. As she answers your questions, she shows you how to bild on your inherent qualities, how to minimize your difficulties, and how to achieve what you were meant to achieve. For a consultation session, please call Silk Road Traveler at 706.946.9264

Consultation Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. 


Vicki Wagoner
The Practical Intuitive

Vicki offers interactive hypnosis, past life regression, intuitive guidance, Reiki, creative art workshops and is a jewelry designer. She assists people to change their perspective to change their lives.

To contact Vicki to set up an appointment:

phone: 239.248.0586