Aquamarine Tumble Stone

Aquamarine Tumble Stone
Aquamarine Tumble Stone
Aquamarine Tumble Stone

Aquamarine Tumble Stone

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Keywords: Cooling, soothing, enhancement of clear communication 

Element: Water

Chakra: Throat (5th) Heart (4th)

Physical: Helps with sore throats and throat conditions.

Emotional: Good for calming anger, relieving stress.

Spiritual: Activates the Throat chakra, facilitates communication of one's truth, sooths excessively fiery energies and promotes understanding between divergent viewpoints, it helps clear stagnant energy and assists one in releasing old patterns.  

Description: "Aqua marine is a blue or blue green variety of beryllium aluminum silicate mineral with a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Moh scale. its crystal system is hexagonal (trigonal) and its pigment is iron. History records its first use in Greece between 300 and 500BC. Its name derived from the Latin meaning 'water of the sea' Is an apt description of the color and clarity of fine aquamarine crystals. Aquamarine has been mined in Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Australia, Africa and United States." 

"Aquamarine is a cardinal water element stone. It is a powerful cleansing agent for the emotional body and its one of the best stones to employ in clearing communication issues. Aquamarine is perhaps one of the strongest stones for clearing and activating the Throat chakra. It stimulates the flow of energy from the heart to throat, assisting one with speaking ones deepest and most heartfelt truth. It can help one overcome the fear of speaking and it's an excellent stone for the support of teacher and presenters of all types."  -Naisha Ahsian book of stones (pg50) " The Book Of Stones"

Product Details:
Origin: Brazil
SKU: 690392
Size: 1.5 to 2.0 inches, Weight: 0.100Lbs
Specimens vary in shape, size (usually from 1.5 to 2 inches) in length, and color intensity.
Comes in an organza bag with a descriptor card detailing its metaphysical properties.


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