New Moon In Aquarius Feb 9th

New Moon in Aquarius at 20 degrees will occur on February 9th at 5:59 pm EST. This lunation will be one of the powerful lunations of this year. We are now in the Age of Aquarius and Pluto has begun its transit in this sign and is currently at 0 degrees. Whenever a planet enters a sign from 0 to 10 degrees of that sign, the energetic vibrations of that planet are strongest. This also holds for when a planet begins to exit a sign from 20 to 29.599 degrees. 
With Pluto now in Aquarius the energies of this sign will be enhanced for the next 20 years. Aquarius is an Air sign meaning "I know", a sign that seeks facts as a guidepost to actions. Being ruled by Uranus, Aquarians are fiercely independent to the point of rebellion. And so, these years will be punctuated by rebellion, by independence, and by science. Look to 1789, when Pluto was last in Aquarius, momentous changes occurred throughout the world, political, economic and social. (See my article on this site: "Soulful Living Amidst Chaos") What about 1776 and the American Revolution, Pluto was transiting the last degrees of Capricorn, the sign of rigid governmental structures such as monarchies and rigid philosophical/theological dogmas. That came undone and republican structures along with liberal tenets were then introduced. Also, with Uranus in a square configuration to Pluto, expect major geological upheavals, as the Sun undergoes electromagnetic eruptions that will impact Gaia. Uranus, Pluto, Neptune, and Saturn are in the process of forming a major square configuration, with the Sun and Gaia smack in the middle. I will be writing/speaking on this formation which is currently underway and will peak in April 20, 2024. We will continue to experience tumultuous levels of rainfall, increasing high tides/waves, and now that Uranus is in Taurus, we can expect increased volcanic eruptions along with very strong and frequent earthquakes. These are the times for serious preparations to overcome and survive these next few years. 
During this lunation meditate on what has become stale and outdated in your life and which no longer serves you well. The intentions you set at this time will carry results far beyond this year. Look to your birth chart and find the house where Aquarius resides, there Pluto will bring about challenges and obstacles to the routine/issues of that house for you to make the necessary adjustments and introduce new structures/routines that will serve you better going forward in these next years of turmoil.
In your meditation session under the Aquarian New Moon, you can hold in your left-hand Lapis Lazuli, the royal stone of ancient Egypt, known for truthful communication and inner vision helping you find the necessary steps to your goals. Also helpful during this Lunation is Labradorite which helps you to access the spiritual realms, connecting you to guides that can help you transition the issues that are currently affecting you.
Below are some of the issues you might need to face and change according to the house this New Moon in Aquarius occurs. 
  • First House - the house of personality, here the issue is how you present yourself to the world, how you interact with others.
  • Second House - the house of possessions, what you value and earning abilities. 
  • Third House - the house of communication, early education and your interaction with brothers/sisters.
  • Fourth House - the house of personal foundation, your family, home, parents.
  • Fifth House - the house of children and your creative arts, the house of speculations and love affairs.
  • Sixth House - the house of health and habits, work and service given.
  • Seventh House - the house of permanent relationships, marriage or partnerships, public relations also problems those who don't like you could cause.
  • Eighth House - the house of taxes, major investments, inheritance, also the house of endings such as death.
  • Nineth House - the house of higher education, foreign lands, outlook of life in general (philosophy) and your adherence to a particular religion.
  • Tenth House - the house of social standing in a community, your reputation and profession. Also, your relationship to authority and the status quo and your ego to all the above.
  • Eleventh House - the house of associations, friends and what you aspire to. 
  • Twelfth House - the house of endings, of finding strengths in times of troubles. 

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