Soulful Living Amid Chaos

We are in a grand cycle of undoing; the age of Pisces is ending, and the age of Aquarius is rising. 

This transition of the ages usually last about 300 years and during this period both ages overlap one another, in this case the energies of Pisces are diminishing their influence, and the energies of Aquarius are increasing. Aquarius will reign for the next 2000 years approximately. 

Many astrologers believe that this transition began in the early 1800 as evidenced by the plethora of scientific inventions that caused population migration from the countryside to the cities, promising radical change to social and financial structures of the past. These structures that we have enjoyed for the past 200 years will undergo radical reconfiguration under the energies of Aquarius allowing greater personal freedom. This is the promise of Aquarius.

During this period of change you'll be challenged and face many hardships. The shrill voices of conflict have you spinning in the whirlwind of negative forces not knowing how to stop the personal chaos that threatens to engulf you. 

Find the still point that is deep within each one of us, it is like the calm center of a hurricane. Enter it, for it is there that safety lies. 

Universal Consciousness speaks to all of us through the still point. Its language is intuition, the heart-mind connection that hones in on the energetic vibrations emanating from Universal Consciousness through the Pineal gland. This still point is at the center of your being and becoming aware of its gentle urgings you are better prepared to take necessary steps to mitigate the harmful effects of this chaos that is now upon humanity. 

In Theosophy and in Hermetic tradition, the sages called God - a principle, a force by which all is created in this 3D Materia. Scientists, especially Quantum physicists, are beginning to realize that this Universe is not a machine as Renee Descartes postulated but rather like a thought. The question is whose?

As you delve deeper into the hermetic and theosophical premise that this principle is a force that underlies this 3D Materia, you come to the realization that all in this Universe originated and has its being in this principle. That all is actually One existence from the atoms to the galaxies. For all arises out of this Universal Consciousness, have their being in and return to. H. P. Blavatsky poignantly wrote in the Secret Doctrine "It is One Life."

This principle, the Universal Consciousness in creating this 3D Materia established a few laws by which all is governed. One of these laws is the law of Karma, or to put it in scientific terms: action - reaction. When you accept this law as a function - a self-correcting function that maintains equilibrium throughout the Universe, then you become keenly aware that all your actions generate equal reactions that will impact on your life. With this law serving as a guidepost for your action, you are able to see the core mission and reason for you spiritual life path: "Do unto others what you would have others do unto you."

When you act according to this Principle your soul is strengthened and you join the army of Light Bearers. 

As William A. Meader wrote in his book: Supernal Light
"The destiny of every human soul is to render service to the world in need. It is to express one's wisdom and love as a force of betterment to others. When this begins to occur, life will never be the same, for to be stirred by the soul is to become an agent of Supernal Light in service to humanity's upliftment.

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