Partial Lunar Eclipse - Hunter's Moon

Full Moon - Hunters Moon occurs in the sign of Taurus at 4:24pm EDT and at 0 degrees. This is a particularly strong Lunation as it occurs at the very start of Taurus. When a planet or aspect or lunation occurs within the first decanate of a sign, the energies of that sign are amplified. The same holds true for when a planet, aspect or lunation occurs at the last decanate of a sign. (Decanate means 0 to 10 degrees or 20 to 30 degrees). Occurring in Taurus the energies are focused on personal values, freedom, inner and outer resources, earning ability and possessions. This is also the final eclipse for the Taurus/Scorpio financial axis, the lunation series that began in 2021. Not only will this eclipse be significant for Taurus and Scorpio, but also for the other two fixed signs Aquarius and Leo. Fixed signs achieve results through persistent and determined action. Check to see where in your birth chart these fixed signs fall, there the affairs of the house will be highlighted during this lunation.

With the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus, both being money signs and the Moon being eclipsed by the Earth, the metaphysical meaning points to problems in the financial arena of the USA and much of the world. Expect turbulence in this area as Pluto is currently squaring the lunar nodes, which are also completing their financial axis series. Particularly important for the US, Pluto is at the exact same degree of Capricorn that it was in 1776, will history repeat itself? Concurrently we are experiencing strong solar flares due to the growing grand square the outer planets are forming between Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. More of this configuration and its effects will be discussed in a later posting.

The energies of all New Moons and Full Moons are felt a day prior to and a day after. During this time, you'll be able to meditate upon the steps you'll need to take to further your spiritual path. What actions you need to take to improve your life situation. What moves you need to initiate to ensure harmony, balance and safety in these trouble times. In these next few days in order to assist you in focusing your mind to what is required. During your Full Moon meditation light, a yellow candle to represent the energies of Taurus, and I suggest keeping close to you or holding in your left hand (left receives energies, right gives energies) an Emerald, or a Lapis Lazuli stone to help you gather up the strength to persevere with determination your goals. Also, keeping Rhodonite close to you will help you gather your energies and help you manifest your dreams with the help of Divine Love.

Remember to say a prayer of thanks before ending your meditation session.

Thank you for visiting. --Estela Carson-Priede