New Moon In Scorpio

On 11/13/2023 there will be a New Moon Lunation in Scorpio, the sign of death, rebirth and transformation. Scorpio is a strong and passionate sign, ruled by Pluto and Mars and as such Scorpio is all about delving deeply into the well of emotional turbulence to rise up as a Phoenix from the ashes of its former self to soar into the heavens seeking spiritual renewal. 

Scorpio rules the Eighth house, and this house is all about major investments, be it a close relationship, property/ownership, and your sense of self-worth. During this New Moon there is an opportunity to set your intentions on how you want to improve your finances, your important relationship and who you want to be. 

During your meditation session under the Scorpion New Moon, you can hold in your left-hand Smokey Quartz, which grounds, reduces stress and anxiety helping you find the necessary steps to your goals. Also helpful during this Lunation is Labradorite which helps you to access the spiritual realms, connecting you to guides that can help you transition to the person you wish to become.