Angels in Our Life

Vicki Wagoner
The Practical Intuitive
I came across a profound statement that inspired me to write this article, “Angels in our life.”
“Life doesn’t always introduce you to the people you want to meet. Sometimes, life puts you in touch with the people you need to meet – to help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you, and to gradually strengthen you into the person you were meant to become.” Steve Maraboli
As I read this again, I reflected on all the people in my life that fell into one, some or all of the above of people I needed to meet – some helped me; some hurt me; some left me; some loved me; and, gradually all of them assisted me to become the person I am today. All angels in my life!
I know the ones that caused me what I felt at the moment hurt me the most were actually the ones that loved and assisted me the most. I know that is a tough one to figure out yet I feel because of their courage to sign up to be the “bad guy” they were the ones that actually were the most loving and courageous to help me to come to the self-realization of self-love.
My father was one of the biggest angels in my life because he was the one that caused the most discomfort and greatest challenges that I had to overcome. I learned so much about my inner courage, strength, faith and perseverance to remember my authenticity because of the abuse I endured.
Another angel in my life was my mom. Emotionally unavailable a great deal of my life, I struggled to understand how to feel worthy of being noticed, heard and loved.
The angel I am most thankful for was my grandmother who loved me unconditionally. She believed in me, loved me, supported and hugged me. She was a confidant and friend. A safe harbor in an ocean of uncertainty, inconsistency and fear.
I wrote in another article about my favorite teacher, Mr. Delsetti, a wonderful man and angel in my life. He something in me that up to then only my grandmother had. He helped me to remember my voice, to know that I mattered and was worthy of being heard.
There have been many people, friends at the moment that had come into and out my life. Some lasted a few days, some a few years, some a lifetime. All helped me to remember that I had a right to be seen, heard and respected.
• Who are the angels in your life?
• What did the angels in your life help you learn about yourself either through love or challenges?
o Self-respect?
o Self-love?
o Finding your voice?
o Setting boundaries?
o Courage?
o Inner strength?
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