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Tarot and Oracle Cards

For more than a millennia tarot cards were used as tools for inter-acting with the Akashic realm. Practitioners of this intuitive art set up basic structured meanings that were insribed prictiorially onto a set of cards. For the traditional tarot deck, there are 22 Major Arcana cards (arcana meaning knowledge) and 56 Minor Arcana cards, and these 56 cards became our modern playing cards. The Major Arcana cards do not have suites like the minor and each one is assigned a number, an astrological sign, and a set of meanings. The minor cards are assigned four suites; wands for growth/economic issues, swords for challenges/upheavels/overcoming, hearts for relationships/good luck, and pentacles for economic/personal wealth/good life.

Tarot Cards that follow the traditional structure and meaning, some have additional hermetic information, while the Thoth Tarot eliminates the king, it introduces the prince.

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The Rider Deck The Aquarian The Golden Dawn The Hermetic Thoth        Ethereal Visions
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Gilded Tarot Br. Of Light Egyptian Tarot        

Native American Oracle Cards that represent different Tribal knowledge

In the early 20th century a new manner of consulting the Akashic Records was introduced by using Oracle Cards. Oracle cards do not carry a definite number of cards and are not divided into Major or Minor Arcanas, nor are there any suites, each card carries a particular meaning.. The Native American Shaman had been using a particular consulting tools using bones, arrows, stones and other natural artifacts. In the course of the 1900s Native American Oracle Cards were introduced into the public facilitating shamanic form of consulting the Akashic Field. Today, there are many Native American Oracle Cards, based on special Tribal knowledgesuch as to name a few: Lakokta. Cherokee, Mayan, Toltec. Below we have selected the best sellers in this field. Each deck comes with a booklet outlying the author's intent and the meaning behind each card.

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Medicine Card Crow Tarot Cards Sacred Path Cards Earth Magic Oracle Cards Native Spirit Oracle Cards Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides
Shinning Tribe Oracle Cards          

Angels and Spirit Guides Oracle cards are very popular.

This modality was introduced in the last century to assist the growing interest in connecting to spirit guides and to the angelic realm. Many of these decks follow the traditional tarot structure, while most are unstructured in that each card represents the mystical meaning of the artist/author. All the decks contain a written booklet explaining the mystical meanings of the cards, the number of cards in each deck varies with the author/artist. 

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