Wisdom Of Avalon

Wisdom Of Avalon
Wisdom Of Avalon

Wisdom Of Avalon

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A beautiful 52-card oracle deck to guide you with the divine wisdom of Avalon from world-renowned oracle card expert with over a million decks sold, best-selling author, and internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher Colette Baron-Reid.

Once upon a time, as legend has it, there was a sacred isle in ancient Britain called Avalon, where priestesses studied the laws of Spirit and honored the Goddess and the Divine Force within all things.

For a very long time, until the Romans came and their Christian churches replaced the Old Ways of Druid, the Goddess ruled, and the priestesses of Avalon—their foreheads painted with the sign of a blue crescent moon—kept the Goddess’s ways sacred. It was believed that only the priestesses could part the veils of the ethereal magical mist that rose above the waters that once existed there . . . to find their way to Avalon’s shores.

Now, with the Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards, Avalon, and the Goddess “she” served, may have faded into the mist, but still, she remains in Spirit to share her wisdom with those who truly seek her sacred counsel.

These beautiful oracle cards are designed to help you get in touch with the patterns that have manifested in your life. They will show you what influences have brought you to your current state, and will shed light on the potential direction of future experiences based on the path you’re currently on.

Example Oracle Card Meanings:

The High Priestess –
Go beyond the ordinary, past the chaos of modern life, and trust your inner vision to guide you on your path.

The Owl –
The Owl lends you eyes that you need in order to see in the dark around you. The Owl can cut through the shadows to illuminate the real truth.

The Water Faery –
When the Water Faery swims up to you with her liquid magic, she reminds you that emotions and feelings may be running the show.

Letting Go –
Releasing attachments, expectations, and desires yet unfulfilled—these are some of the aspects of this card.

“I designed these cards to introduce you to the magical mythological characters of Avalon. They will symbolically guide you and link you to your greater purpose, help you manifest your heart’s desires, and encourage you to gain greater self-knowledge. To divine means to connect to your soul, so may this divination tool bless you and keep you in the sacred love of the Goddess. Blessed be.”

— All my love,
Colette Baron-Reid

May you enjoy the wisdom that Avalon brings you!

Product Details:
ISBN: 9781401910426
Publisher: Hay House, Published: September 11, 2007
Size: 3.94 x 0.63 x 5.48 inches, Weight: 0.99 Lbs.

Author – Colette Baron-Reid


Colette Baron-Reid is an internationally acclaimed, Oracle expert, thought leader, and number one best selling author of “The Map” and other books and products; including Oracle Cards and Meditation Apps. As a spiritual medium she is also the star of the hit TV series, Messages from Spirit (Amazon Prime), and she hosts the highly popular call-in radio show “Ask the Oracle” on HayHouseRadio.com. With over 30 years of experience and a global audience in 29 countries, Colette’s greatest joy is teaching people that they can have a direct and personal dialog with the Universe to help them create their best lives. When she’s not creating oracle cards, writing books, or delighting audiences, she’s usually writing singing, and recording music, and hanging out with her husband and 2 Pomeranians on her farm in Canada.

Using her sharp intuitive insights, compassionate candor, and hilarious personality, Colette delivers messages of hope and reminds us all that we all are empowered to co-create with the conscious Universe, as our partner. As she so succinctly says, “When you open your connection to the Universe anything becomes possible.”

She is the CEO and founder of Oracle School where students from all over the world learn how to use oracle cards to have a direct dialogue with the Universe while awakening their magic within for personal growth and empowerment. “Oracle cards are the key to open your connection to the Universe”™!

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