Ancestor Spirit Oracle Cards

Ancestor Spirit Oracle Cards
Ancestor Spirit Oracle Cards
Ancestor Spirit Oracle Cards
Ancestor Spirit Oracle Cards
Ancestor Spirit Oracle Cards

Ancestor Spirit Oracle Cards

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The knowledge of those who came before us is alive within our hearts, our souls and our DNA. Answer the call of the ancestors to connect to their wisdom, discover their truths and accept their support. Stand with wisdom holders, be open to ageless insight, and solidify your dreams. Tap into the knowledge from spirits past with the guidance of award-winning psychic medium Jade-Sky. She interprets messages, signs and symbols from many traditions and is honored to share her extensive knowledge with you in this oracle. The beautiful images created by Belinda Morris reinforce the messages and help you stretch your energy into other times and spaces for reassurance that the ancestors walk with you. Includes 43 cards and 104-page guidebook. 

Product Detail:
ISBN: 9781646710546
Publisher: Blue Angel Gallery, Published May 2021
Boxed with 43 cards and a 104-page Booklet
Size: 4.9 x 1.0 x 6.7 inches, Weight: 1.15 Lbs.


 Jade Sky

                 Jade Sky

Jade-Sky is a Psychic/Medium-a “direct channeller”. She was born with a special gift of being able to connect clairvoyantly with energies of deceased loved ones. Over the past 22 years Jade-Sky has fine-tuned her natural skills in the areas of psychometry, mediumship/channeling and uncovering past lives. Jade-Sky has read professionally for clients from all around the world.

Mediumship is Jade-Sky’s passion. During a reading she offers up key names, dates and specific events to the enquirer so that they know without doubt that their passed loved ones or spirit guides/angels are with them. She also provides very personal and significant details to help clients reconnect with their loved ones, something which assists with their grieving process. By giving detailed information, Jade-Sky reassures her clients that life after death does exist and a beautiful place awaits us when we pass from this life to the next.

Jade’s has written with Stacey Demarco, The No Excuses Guide to Soul Mates and The No Excuses Guide to Uncovering your Purpose they have been widely acclaimed and are now being sold with great success in the United States. Jade’s books What Happens Next answering your questions on life after death and Psychic Secrets have been on the Top Sellers list since their release. In 2015 Jade released the Spirit Signs book and Eternal Crystal Oracle Cards.


            Belina Morris

Belinda has trained in various fields of art including Painting, Printmaking, Graphic Design and Comics and has a BA in Fine Art from Curtin University of Technology in Western Australia

Her love of art took her from Western Australia to the US to study at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art and to attend Illuxcon, where she met many amazing artists who continue to inspire her today. Belinda now lives in Melbourne, Australia and is currently working on various new projects.

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