Amethyst TS Med

Amethyst tumbled Stone Med
Amethyst TS Med

Amethyst TS Med

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Amethyst is a member of the quartz family; it has a trigonal crystal formation with a hardness of 7 on the Moh Scale. Its color is derived from a combination of trace amounts of iron and aluminum. This stone is found throughout the world, the best specimens come from Brazil, Africa, Uruguay and Russia. 

Amethyst, the royal stone of ancient Rome where only royalty and senators were allowed to wear this stone and add a purple-colored edge to their togas. 

Amethyst has been sought after for its beauty and its energies. When worn, Amethyst helps the wearer to calm anger and subdue frustrated passions. It also helps the wearer to give up bad habits, such as smoking, drinking and other addictions. by clearing the energy fields of the wearer of negative influences and attachments. Thereby creating and energetic field of spiritual Light surrounding the body and warding off negative energies. 

"Amethyst can bring the feeling that one is surrounded and protected by a 'bubble of light.' " - Robert Simmons Book of Stones

This amethyst stone is A++ quality and is rated for its deep purple red color. Much of the amethysts on the market are of a lighter color and smaller size. This stone comes from the mines in Brazil.

Product Details:
Origin: Brazil
SKU: 712965,
Size: 1.5 to1.5 inches, Weight: 0.100Lbs
Specimens vary in shape, size (usually from 1.5 to 2 inches) in length, and color intensity.
Comes in an organza bag with a descriptor card detailing its metaphysical properties.


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