Trusting During Challenging Times

Trusting During Challenging Times It has been a challenging time for all of us! COVID-19 has touched everyone's life in many and varied ways. For me, it has shifted the way that I can do what I love...assisting people to shift their perspective about themselves, relationships, events in their life, decisions they have made or are going to make, choices, self-sabotaging habits, making peace with their past, you name it. I love to challenge people to see the positive side of life, reminding and enlightening them that there is a gift in everything. Assisting clients to remember to focus positively on the present which leads them along the path to a brighter future is much more than a job. It is my passion! Why am I so passionate about what I do? I am a survivor from childhood abuse. I have worked diligently to shift my past of pain, hurt and fear by shifting it into empowerment, embracing the gifts that guided me to do the work that I love! I offer virtual sessions and reading from my home as well as in an office in a wonderful spiritual based shop, Silk Road Traveler, in the tourist town of Blue Ridge, GA. Many of the people who come in are visiting for the weekend. My challenge...I am 67 years old (thankfully healthy!), married to a wonderful man, who unfortunately has health issues, including heart disease. How could I practice safe distancing while I offered one on one, up close and personal services without risking the health of my husband, clients, myself and anyone they or I came into contact with? It was impossible! It left me feeling sad, frustrated and angry that my dream "job" (passion) that I worked so hard for was changing and there was nothing I could do! For years I worked at jobs that I felt I needed to do just to make money to pay bills and have a little left over to play with. It got to the point that I finally said, "Enough is enough"! One day while at the office job where I was working at, my vision blurred, I couldn't focus, I struggled to talk and had to hold onto things to walk. I felt disoriented, confused and yet at the same time time I knew I was out of my body, observing myself. It was strange yet interesting all at the same time. It was over as fast as it came on. Honestly, my thought was, "That was interesting". I didn't think much of it until I told my sister, a registered nurse, about my experience. She told me that I most likely had a stroke and had to go to the doctor immediately. To appease my sister, I went to the doctor's a few days later. I had all kinds of test done and as I intuitively sensed NOTHING showed up! The neurologist was shocked to discover I was perfectly healthy! He said I had all the symptoms of a stroke, yet nothing showed in any of the many tests I had. I smiled when I heard that because I knew it wouldn't and told him that the Universe wanted to get me out of the toxic environment I was working in and start do do what I was passionate about, assisting people. He said, "Well, if that is what you believe". I smiled and said, "Yes, I do"! He retorted, "Well, unless you need me, have a good life". I smiled and replied, "I intend to"! I trusted that the Universe would have my back and it did. I quit the next day and have been so happy ever since! Until a couple of weeks ago when COVID-19 hit the area! When COVID-19 became a reality in Blue Ridge, it also brought uncertainty, fear and doubt. I was faced with the hard reality that I had to, in good conscious, let go of my office! Honestly, I really struggled! It consumed my thoughts and affected me deeply. After a couple of weeks of struggle< I made the decision to call Estela I had to let the office go! Even as I waited for her to pick of the phone, my monkey mind, my ego, was in freak out mood, kept nagging at me, "Yeah, but what will happen"? "Are you sure"? "Geez, this really sucks"! I told her that I had to let the office go, that I would come by one day before she reopened to get my things out. She immediately said, "Oh, great, I will take the office over until you feel it is safe for you to come back". Stunned and overwhelmed at how quickly she said whe would hold the office for me, I was speechless! I was in such a funk! I didn't realize that I lost trust that all would work out okay! I forgot that the Universe always has our back and gives us exactly what we want. I got swept into the drama, stress, and worries of the world and my own worries of the "What if..."? I had forgotten what I remind clients of, that we are all boomerangs -whatever we focus on, we manifest. And, like a boomerang, it comes back to us. I was in my humanness! I was in fear! Yet my higher self, my higher consciousness that knows a heck of a lot more than my human self, was working overtime to make sure that I got what I wanted, what I worked so diligently for and was deserving of! I am thankful and grateful and back on track trusting that all works out for the best! There truly is a gift in everything! Let's keep the conversations going! Please feel free to contact me with your feedback and suggestions for any topic of interest or something that is on your mind. We are all in this together...United! We will come out stronger for it. Vicki Wagoner: The Practical Intuitive -Virtual Sessions of Intuitive Guidance, Hypnotherapy, Oracle Card Readings and Past Life Regression available. (239) 248-0586 -