New Moon In Pisces, March 10, 2024


New Moon occurs March 10, 2024 in Pisces at 20 degrees at 5am EDT.

This is a super new moon, the second for the year, the first occurred on February 3 and the last one will occur on April 8, 2024. That lunation on April 8th will be not only a super new moon, but also a Solar Eclipse that completes the X formation over the US which started its configuration last Solar Eclipse of October 14th, 2023. The exact spot that both eclipses cross will be at "The Empty Cross" in Kerville, Texas, near Eagle Pass. This arc of the Solar Eclipse will affect the East Coast. 

Of interest to note we have a major grand sextile/semi sextile beginning to gel between Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus on one side of the Sun and Saturn & Neptune in Pisces on the other side These sextiles put the Sun & Earth in the middle. This configuration forming now and peaking in late April, a few weeks after the Solar Eclipse is charging up the electromagnetic field of the solar system, affecting all the planets and us. With this configuration between Taurus and Pisces we can expect severe electromagnetic discharges from our Sun impacting our planet with earthquakes, major flooding, powerful hurricanes, excessive winds and torrential rainfall/blizzards to continue through the rest of the year. Please read my blog post of New Moon in Aquarius of February 9th, 2024. I will speak more upon this planetary configuration. 

Super new moon lunations are so designated when the Moon is at perigee (closest) to Earth in its monthly rotation. However, being a New Moon, this lunation will be invisible to us. What is important to note is that the energies of Pisces are greatly strengthened by this particular lunation.

Pisces is the sign of spiritual awareness and is the last sign of the zodiac, meaning itis the gateway to the supernatural, where the boundaries of the known and the unknown blend. This new moon is rather important given the accompanying planetary configurations. Mars & Neptune are in a wide conjunction to this lunation on either side and with all the major in direct transit, occupying a plenum chart pattern (meaning they are in a 2-3 house span) in the eastern hemisphere. This plenum in the eastern hemisphere emphasizes personal efforts are required to bring about change. Going forward you are learning through personal experience, study and self-analysis, with the end result of spiritual growth. 

Pisces being the sign of endings is prompting you to find the stamina and energy within to successfully end a situation, or a habitual life pattern that is keeping you from progressing on your spiritual path. During this lunation think on what your wish is or need to end a particular negative aspect in your life in order to free yourself and regain your steps to a more positive life-path.

So, it is very important to set your intentions during this lunation, for it will be effective until September 18th, 2024, at Full Moon Pisces which would be the realization of your intentions. To help you garner the energies you will need, hold a Jade or Turquoise palm stone in your left hand to receive the vibrations of the stone's crystal structures. 

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