Harvest Moon 9/29/2023

 Full Moon - Harvest Moon 
On September 29, 2023

This super full Moon will occur on September 29, 2023, at 5:57 am EDT at 6 degrees Aries. This Full Moon is the last of the 4 super Full Moons of 2023, all sequentially starting with the Buck Moon in July, followed by the Sturgeon Moon at the start of August and the Blue Moon at end of August. Like the other 3 super Full Moons, this Harvest Moon will be perigee to the Earth thus making it seem about 8% larger and 15% brighter. Being a perigee Full Moon, its electromagnetic field and pull will be stronger, so its effects on you will more significant than at other times. You can feel the effects of this super Full Moon, as it begins its lunation cycle the evening before, the day of its peak, and a day later. Check your natal chart to see if any planet or the ascendant or midheaven is at 6 degrees in any sign. If you do have a 6-degree placement, then this Full Moon will be a significant lunation for you, and the issues of the house this lunation fall in will come forward for you to deal, resolve or enjoy during the next few days. 

This Full Moon is Harvest Moon and is all about harvesting the seeds of intention that you planted at a New Moon event which happened 15 years ago, March 26, 2009, when the New Moon in Aries 6 degrees last occurred. Think back to that period in your life, what were your intensions/dreams then. this Harvest Moon symbolizes the ending of a cycle, the fruition of a period of energetic action toward a goal and the time of preparation for the coming Winter/Summer. This lunation in Aries and at the first decan of the sign is about set determination toward a goal/aspiration. Aries is the "I Am" sign, the warrior who is courageous, energetic and like the ram pushes forward against obstacles in its path. This is the Full Moon that promises the fruition of your endeavors. During this Arian lunation you will feel more energetic and more determined to fulfill your dreams. 

Light a red candle to help you visualize your root chakra, the base of action and contemplate the next steps you need to take to accomplish your goals. In you left hand hold a Carnelian, Red Jasper or a Garnet, and let the energies of these stones infuse you with the strength to meet the challenges that lie ahead. 
Remember to say a prayer of thanks before ending your meditation session.