Full Moon in Virgo February 24th

(image from Earthsky.org - great site for astral information. This image from an article by John Jardine Goss "February Full Moon - the smallest of 2024")
Full Moon in Virgo at 5 degrees will occur at 7:30am EST. This lunation is called either Snow or Hunger Moon, and in many parts of the Earth snow or hunger, or both have been issues for many people. Although this moon could appear a little smaller to the astute eye, its extreme brightness through the night will cast a beautiful silvery glow. 
Of interest, its path on the night of February 23 to morning of 24 as it begins its Full Moon lunation the Moon will align with the fixed star Regulus, called the Royal Star in the Heart of the Lion (Leo). At this time Pluto and Uranus are transiting Aquarius in opposition to Regulus in Leo, afflicting its energies, which are usually beneficial to those in power. With the Virgo Moon's alignment to Regulus, albeit brief, could signal difficulties for those in a ruling/leadership position. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius, about 248 years ago, many heads of state (Kings/Queens) were either removed or greatly constrained by Parliamentary edict. 
Virgo is an Earth sign, and its main character revolves around "I Analyze", its energetic signature deals with health and service: to be of service and/or to be healthy. With the Sun in Pisces (which is also a health-oriented sign) the theme for the rest of the month, perhaps the year, will be related to the digestive system in particular, or health in general. With Neptune at 26 degrees of Pisces, an important decan position, you could experience problems getting a clear picture of what ails you, and why you fell intuitively that something is wrong. 
Neptune is transiting its sign of rulership and so confusion, deception, secrecy will battle idealism, mystery and imagination for supremacy, the negative and positive aspects of Neptunes' energies. Therefore, if you persist, using the positive analytical energies of Virgo, to find out what is out of sync, you will find the answer and end the problem with proper actions. Pisces is all about endings. 
As you sit in meditation the night before or the night after this lunation, concentrate and imagine yourself whole, physically, mentally, spiritually. Thoughts coupled with positive emotions become realities. If you want or need extra healing energies hold Unakite in your left hand or wear a Unakite bracelet on you left wrist to receive its healing energies and imagine yourself healthy and wise.
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