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Friday, 06 April 2018 18:01

Vicki's Musings

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Remembering Your Voice
Vicki Wagoner, The Practical Intuitive

When I was in eleventh grade I had an amazing history teacher, Mr. Delsetti. He made history come alive, literally!
When he was going to do a lesson on the Revolutionary War, he dressed as a soldier complete with uniform and replica gun. When we were going to study about Scotland he dressed up in a kilt, shirt, sash, cap and marched up and down the hallways blowing on a bagpipe! I just loved the guy...most of the time.

I had a very difficult childhood, which for a long time colored my life. My father was mentally ill and abusive to all of us including my mother. My maternal grandmother loved my siblings and me. She was my saving grace! Since my mother worked full time, Grandma did her best to spend as much time as she could with each of us and keep us safe yet it was challenging since she was basically raising seven children, all of us, including my grandmother, victimized by my father.

I learned at a young age to keep quiet, stay out of sight and lay low when I did have to be seen. I got so good at it that I learned how to make myself invisible in a crowd of people. I learned by necessity to be the “good little girl” yet within there was a tsunami of hurt and anger ever present just under the surface waiting to be released.
Here is where Mr. Delsetti comes back into the story. For years I quietly sneaked under the radar through school, barely being noticed nor wanting to be. I knew everyone and was a confidant for many, yet always kept my distance, never feeling safe or worthy of being noticed or befriended. Yet, Mr. Delsetti did see me. He did know me. He knew that I was hurting and suffered in silence with my stifled voice.
For months Mr. Delsetti would try to get me to talk by asking me to stand and answer questions; to participate in group discussions. I thought he was picking on me! As a good little girl, having learned so well how to be seen and not heard, I took it and took it until one day I couldn’t take any longer. I was so angry, so frustrated at life, my situation, at myself. Something in me snapped as I glared at him, the anger rising as he kept on “picking on me”. I finally couldn’t contain myself. I griped the edge of my desk, leaned forward and yelled, “Stop picking on me. Why are you doing this? I hate you!” He just calmly stood there, which enraged me more. I got up and ran out of the room. I sank to floor outside the room, sobs of hurt and anger bubbling up from a place deep within me where I had safely buried my feelings, my voice!
I have no idea how long I sat on that floor. What I do remember so vividly is Mr. Delsetti, a gentle giant, 6’ 3”, a good 300 lb. man, quietly saying, “Congratulations! You have a voice”. Then he walked away. It took me a few minutes to understand what he said. Congratulations? Congratulations for what? I have a voice. What does that mean? Then I realized he hadn’t been picking on me. He had ever so gently been encouraging me to talk, to use my voice, to know and remember my worth. I am eternally grateful to him!
Who in your life assisted you to find your voice? Loved you enough to help you remember your worth? Take some time to reflect on who it was – a parent, a grandparent, sibling, teacher, friend, maybe even an animal friend? Whomever or whatever it was, take some time today to reflect on the gift they gave you and tell them, “Thank you” from your heart, using your voice!

Vicki Wagoner – The Practical Intuitive – assisting you to change your perspective to change your life! – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – 239-248-0586

Monday, 02 April 2018 15:40

Healing Stones

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Stones, rocks and even mountains are beings in of themselves; the Native Americans call them the "sitting people." These beings are quite diffrent from us, and yet are similar to us, they have the same atoms as we and occupy the same reality field we are in, and they vibrate just as we do.

Monday, 02 April 2018 15:39

Welcome to our new discussion site

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Silk Road Traveler is a unique retail experience, where we hope to introduce spiritual concepts through the products we offer. Many of our customers ask us, who are you? We are the retail operation for Theosophy Foundation, a non-profit organization created to spread the knowledge of the "Wisdom Religion" that was prevalent in the ancient world, and which tied all of humanity to one concept - "we are one."

Monday, 02 April 2018 15:36


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"Theosophy" comes from the Greek "Theos" and "sophia" meaning literally "Divine Knowledge". It is a body of knowledge - accumulated since time immemorial - that answers the great questions of life - Who am I, Where am I going, What am I doing here, What is the nature of the soul, What is the origin of the universe and What can be said about the nature of divinity.

The term theosophy (in its Greek and other forms) had been used about 100 or so times over two millennia in western civilization before Madame Blavatsky. The term came to be the most appropriate word to describe her teachings and so, with a capital "T", Theosophy came to be the name given to that which she taught in the 19th century.

Some have, quite understandably, extended the meaning of the word to cover that entire body of knowledge known to Blavatsky's teachers - a portion of which was imparted to her. Some academics have taken to using the word to mean "comparative religion", now that the word has become well known - but this certainly dilutes the specific meaning it acquired during the time of Blavatsky. And regrettably, some writers in the 20th century have based themselves on her writings but subtly altered the teachings and then continued to call their writings Theosophy - misleading any number of students in the process.

 We have selected books that convey the essence of Theosophy as Madame Blavatsky depicted. To all readers who wish to know more about Theosophy, and are hesitant, we suggest the books that Madame Blavatsky wrote, along with William Quan Judge. In this manner readers will receive the basic premise of Theosophy and will be able to discern errors in later proponents of the philosophy.