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Collaging For Insight And Delight
with Vicki Wagoner

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By Vicki Wagoner                        


Spontaneous collage assists one to access their intuition and imagination as they create collaged cards that reflect a different aspect of their inner self or "Archetypes" - ancient life patterns that exist in all of human consciousness. The archetypes represent the light and shadow aspects within and offer an understandig of life's lessons and gifts. This process of self-exploration honors the journey of personal growth and self-acceptance. 

Allowing one-self to be guided to choose images from magazines, greeting cards, and personal photos, pasting them onto mat board, allows for spontaneous messages to be revealed on the collage cards. They offer the opportunity of insightful messages of wisdom, self-discovery and healing. Collage is an individual process that is done in a group setting and has been called, "...a mirrror of your Self and your Soul."

Vickie Wagoner, hypnotherapist and intuitive guide, will assist you in this creative process with instruction and guided visualization. No previous art experience or artistic ability required. Cards create themselves!

Mat boards, glue, scissors, magazines, and catalogues are provided. Feel free to bring magazines, catalogs, calendars, greeting cards and copies of personal pictures. 


Cost: $35



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