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Breath-Art-Movement (BAM)
with Vicki Wagoner

The Many Colors of Me

"The Many Colors Of Me"     


With an open heart, trust yourself to feel, to be, and to emerge as the true you...the magnificent you that was created in perfection yet like many of us have lost the way.

Gathering in a safe, compassionate and nurturing environment, Vicki Wagoner and Noor Moody will assist you to open your heart to understand and lay to rest any self sabotaging beliefs. Gently journey to the edge, diving as deep as you comfortably can into the pool of your inner knowing to observe, understand and transcend the beliefs and choices that have shaped your life. This gathering offers you the weaving of your total being - mind, body, emotion and spirit - as you remember your inherent sense of self worth:

* Breath Awareness
* Sefl-Expressive Art
* Gentle Movement
* Guided Meditations
* Chakra Exploration
*"Other Hand" Journaling.

Ascent to new and higher levels of conscious awareness as you gather the gifts from your inner journey, embracing fresh perspectives as you feel a renewed sense of self-acceptance, love and trust. Rejoice as the next chapter of YOUR story begins!

BAM: Breath-Art-Movement: Full Day Workshop  $150.00 -materials, instruction, guidance, lunch included. 



    Thank you for all your work and excellent insightful knowledge! I spent this morning going over my left hand writing and saw some new aha's from the work. I am processing all the new insights. Love and light to you both as true healers.
Diane L.

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