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Intuitive Guidance 

with Vicki Wagoner

Looking Into The Future Copy

"Angels Among Us"            
By Vicki Wagoner               


During your session, I offer direct guidance with assistance, compassion, empathy and sometime humor as guided by source to enlighten and empower you about choices, solutions or new ways of viewing your life -past, present, future - regarding relationships, life issues, concerns or situations.


1 hour session $85 (digitally recorded, emailed) -office or phone session.



    I still feel very strongly that the experience we had with you started the shift for both A. and I that carries through to this day.
Graham D.
    I am thinking about you and our session and wanted to express my gratefulness for your time, kindness and insight.
Marcia O.
    I feel so blessed to have you in my life! I am loving myself to do this! I feel so comfortable speaking to you!.
Briggeta T.

To contact Vicki: 

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phone: 239.248.0586