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Past Life Regression

with Vicki Wagoner

Waves of Change

"Waves Of Change"            
By Vicki Wagoner              


As your guide, I assist you to experience past life regressions as an observer of your past in order to find answers, clarity, inspiration and healing concerning relationships, life challenges, gifts and talents, fears and issues that have no "rational" cause.

1 1/2 hour seesion $110 (digitally recorded, emailed) - office or phone session.



    Thanks so much, Vicki. I drove home feeling like a weight was lifted off my shoulders...and I mean that literally. 
Dawn T.

Thank y-o-u, Vicki for being THE guide and facilitator for my past life "journey" which all began and came to fulfillment when I was led to discover you! I am so pleased, delighted, and fortunate. Is is because of your won kindness and enthusiasm and continuing "self-coaching" that you have been the sole (and soul, too) catalyst for my eye-opening new life all around me.
Your most professional "gift" of hypnotic state of mind conveyance to me, plus your deep caring and efforts to assist your clients to their fullest capacity reveals how deeply sincere and honest you use your gifts on, and for, others. Along with your very own belief, acceptance and awe as well as your amazement and wonderment, I have to be one of the most fortunate people to have been led onward by you and the angels and spirits. 




Nervous and a little skeptical I visited with Vicki in her office. With a gentle voice and reassuring manner, Vicki is able to make the most timid of souls feel at ease. We talked and I began to understand that this was a caring person that was willing to help someone with whatever issues he or she had. After my first session, thoughts that I had kept hidden for years were reinforced as fact. She is the perfect guide to the troubles and guilt that had not been resolved in the past and carried over. Once the conflicts had been confronted it was easy to understand the physical and emotional problems in my life. 
Vicki worked with me to unveil feelings of guilt and remorse carried over from an act of betrayal I had committed over 700 years ago. At the same time latent talents were awakened. It was as if a door had been opened on a spiritual plane that answered a lot of questions for me. 

Mike F. 


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