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Interactive Hypnosis
with Vicki Wagoner

Cosmic Fireworks 16x20
Cosmic Fire                    
by Vicki Wagnoner             

Together as a team, I guide and assist you to be an observer of yourself and the relationships, events and choices made from your past. You will experience awareness, understanding and forgiveness from  different, more empowered perspective to change and enhance your life.

1 1/2 hour seesion is $110.00 (digitally recorded and emailed to you) session can be at Vicki's office or by phone.




Yesterday morning, I did a telephone session with Vicki Wagoner (the Practical Intuitive) who is also a hypnotherapist. I wouldn't trust anyone else I know with hypnosis other than Vicki. I realized some sub/unconscious beliefs/experiences that have contributed to unhealthy eating habits, and can now work with those in the light... and with more compassion than I had before. If anyone has issues you would like to explore with a compassionate, qualified, and greatly experienced person, contact Vicki. She is amazing. Really. I have also explored past lives with her (and I would NOT do that with ANYONE else!!) which has given me great insight into relationships, etc. in this lifetime.
Thank you,


    Thank you fo helping me through a really difficult time. I appreciate you.
Lisa W.

Thanks for being a shining example of living full-out while looking within. You did a lot to inspire me and sooth my wounds as struggles, and I can also see what you do for others. So, enjoy a wonderful season and continued inspiration in the coming year. With love and appreciation,

Bill J.

    Thank you so much for everything you have done for my family. I am so thankful for the work you did with my daughter. She is well on her way to changing her life. I am so very proud of my girl.

DeAnna H.

    I am just amazed by Jaimie's progress and wanted to recognize your big, big contribution. 
Bruce J.

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