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Vicki Wagoner's Story

Vwagonerpic   As a hypnotherapist, intuitive guide, healer and artist, Vicki Wagoner is a catalyst for change of perspective of everyday life issues, challenges and relationships. With a straightforward, practical yet compassionate approach, Vicki assists people to remember their strengths, talents and natural gifts. She does this by assisting clients to shift their perspective from being controlled by misconceptions, fears and self-sabotaging patterns to understanding and learning from the lessons offered. This offers them the opportunity to live a fuller, more balanced and joyful life while embracing wholeness, joy and achieving personal empowerment!

 Vicki Wagoner writes a weekly column, Vicki Wagoner – The Practical Intuitive, for the summer edition of The Villager NY – Chautauqua-Lakeside, a local newspaper in Ellicottville, NY, owned by Jeannine Caprino-Zimmer Carlson.   This is her second year of offering practical advice on a large variety of topics to enhance one’s life - personal growth, relationships, forgiveness, healing, spiritually and more. She believes when you change your perspective, you change your life!  

Services offered:

* Practical Intuitive Guidance 
* Interactive Hypnosis
* Past Life Regression
* Reiki (ray-key) – Energy Healing

* Creative Art Workshops
* Heart, Hands and Healing Art: Intuitive Painting with Hands
* Beading Basics: Introduction to Jewelry Making
* Collaging for Insight and Delight
* BAM: Breath-Art-Movement – Full Day Workshop