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Vicki Wagoner

The Practical Intuitive

"Change Your Perspective Change Your Life"


Oracle Cards Readings

In partnership with Spirit's wisdom, using her intuitive insight along with oracle cards which are full of direct and meaningful images and messages, Viciki Wagoner, offers practical, straightforward, yet compassionate guidance during your reading. 

After 17 years of being a conduit for Spirit, Vicki is always in awe and grateful for what is revealed with each reading. She looks forward to assisting you with your spiritual journey. 

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Waves of Change


Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a safe and powerful way to discover the deeper truth and understanding about relationships, talents, skills, habits, physical and emotions issues with no “rational” cause that we unconsciously carry from lifetime to lifetime within our subconscious mind. This drives our desire to repeat lessons until we can finish our unfinished business. By repeating a particular relationship, habit, behavior or belief, we have the opportunity to shift our perspective of the outcome as we clear memories, misconceptions and blockages that have kept us stuck.

Bypassing the limits and constraints of our logical conscious mind, we allow our inner wisdom to let information flow in a non-judgmental way into our subconscious awareness. We then can begin to recognize and understand how all the lives we’ve experienced before still influence us today. With this increased awareness and knowledge, we learn that all of life’s challenges are wonderful gifts, offering us the opportunity for inner peace and happiness which positively affects our personal and spiritual growth.

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Cosmic Fireworks 16x20


Interactive Hypnosis

As a hypnotherapist and intuitive guide, Vicki Wagoner is a catalyst for change of perspective of everyday life issues and relationships. Interactive hypnosis is a safe, effective and powerful verbal partnership process assisting you to access the subconscious level of your mind where you “know” who you truly are and what you are deserving of.

Vicki assists people to understand the fears, blockages, and self-sabotaging patterns that have been keeping them from their authentic selves. With a straightforward, practical yet compassionate approach, Vicki Wagoner assists people to shift their perspective to embrace wholeness, joy, and personal empowerment in every area of their life, remembering and embracing their strengths and natural gifts. Living a full, balanced, joyful life goes from a dream to reality! 

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Looking Into The Future Copy 


Intuitive Guidance

Confirmation of understanding and trust in yourself comes in many forms. Understand your journey from a supportive, spiritual perspective with the assistance of Vicki Wagoner, The Practical Intuitive.

Lessons of our past are the stepping stones that have guided us to our present. Vicki offers information, guidance and support that can assist you to shift your perspective of the past events, beliefs and people who have influenced you and your life story.

Messages received will offer understanding from your own inner wisdom, as well as from loved ones and sometimes animal friends on the other side. Love, understanding, forgiveness and acceptance of ourselves and others is an integral part of our life’s experience… all part of the lessons we are here to learn and grow from. Together, you and Vicki will co-create possibilities, choices, options, and an improved focus on personal growth and expanded awareness.

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The Many Colors of Me


Creative Art Workshops

Collaging for Self Discovery

Heart, Hands & Healing Art: Intuitive Painting with Hands

B-A-M! Breath - Art - Movement! (A One Day Workshop)

Beading Basics: Introduction to Jewelry Making

All workshops - Collaging for Self-Discovery, Heart, Hand and Healing Art, BAM: Breath Art Movement, and Beading Basics - are offered in a safe, compassionate and nuturing environment to assist you in expressing your creative "voice" as you connect with your magnificent self.


All Canvases shown are art works by Vicki Wagoner


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