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Ocean of Theosophy

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Ocean Of Theosophy

by William Q. Judge

In the early 1890s Judge recognized the need for a book on theosophy that could be readily understood by all. The Oean of Theosophy provides a concise yet comprehensive survey of the basic tenets of theosophy. Written with the beginner in mind, it clarifies such topics as: the sevenfold nature of man; reincarnation and karma; dangers of psychic practices and the pitfalls of pseudo-occultism; earth's sevenfold being; cosmic and terrestrial cycles; afterdeath states; the existence of highly advanced human beings; and many more. Here is knowledge based upon evidence and experience, written with brevity and depth.

Book Details:

Publisher: Theosophical University Press, February 1, 1998 edition

Paperback, 209 pages

Weight: .7 onces, 1 x 6 x 8

About the Author:

judge william q

 (1851 - 1896) William Q. Judge is a towering figure of the early theosophical movement. In 1875, at the age of 24, he was a co-founder of the Theosophical Society with H. P. Blavatsky and Henry S. Olcott, He continued to work ardently for its cause for the next 20 years, until his death in 1896. As the leading theosophical official in America from 1886 to 1896, he guided the Section so that it became the most vigorous in the Society, with the largest effective membership. He relentlessly pursued his high vision for the Society's work in the world: humanity's great need for a new perspective on itself and the universe. Judge was born in Dublin, Ireland, on April 13, 1851, to Frederic H. Judge and Alice Mary Quan. His mother died giving birth to her seventh child, and his father decided in 1864 to emigrate to New York with six children. Judge studied law while living with his father, who died soon upon arriving to New York. At 21 Judge became a US citizen and in May 1872 was admitted to the bar. He married Ella M. Smith, a school teacher, in 1874 and they lived in Brooklyn until 1893 when they moved to New York City.

W.Q. Judge was a very close student and co-worker of Blavatsky who came to be an occultist in his own right. Blavasky praised Judge quite significantly and he was an essential figure in the early advancement of Theosophy. His writings are an authentic 19th century presentation of original Theosophy - often in a more approachable, easier to read, form than that written by Blavatsky.

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