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Essential Oils
Essential oils & diffusers have become a staple in many homes, helping to clear the air, assisting in relaxation and as an aid in sick rooms.

"Essential oils are concentrated, volatile, aromatic compounds that are extracted from aromatic plants. Regarded as the life force of the plant, they are present in various parts such as leaves, seeds, flowers, and bark. They give the plant its unique, signature aroma. It is believed that plants produce essential oils to attract bees for pollination, repel insects, and help protect the plant from disease. " From Therapeutic Essential Oil Guide, by World Tree Press.

We offer the best and the purest in essential oils.

Silk Road Traveler Essential Oils
We are happy to introduce our own pure product line of essential oils. These oils come from small independent farmers throughout the world. In this manner we feel we are helping others to achieve a sustainable lifestyle. All of our oils are tested for quality, including Gas Chromatography (GC), which identifies and quantifies volatile components, and Microanalysis which reveals the celluar structure of plants to determine identity and adulteration to ensure correctness of labeling.
Hempworx is a leading provider of CBD oils in various potencies. Their non-gmo oragnic farms are in Kentuky and Colorado. We carry their 500mg and 750mg both in natural and peppermint flavored variations. We also carry their pet products, both 250mg oil (bacon flavored) and their chewies.
 Go Green Hemp
Go Green Hemp products are non-gmo organically grown in Colorado and are 3rd party tested for purity. All of their flavored oils contain all-natural terpenes, their ingredients include grapeseed oil (antioxidant) and coconut oil (brain food). We also carry their pet product.

srtfrankSRT Frankincense

Company: Silk Road Traveler
Botanical name: Boswellia carterii
Source: Resin from Oman
Perfume: Base
Aroma Qualities: Harmonizing, Meditative, Soothing - Camphor like scent with a balsamic woody tone.

Frankincense has a balsamic woody, spicy aroma that has been used for thousands of years in religious ceremonies. Frankincense when inhaled slows and deepens the breath, making it the formost oil used in meditation practices. Psychologically, it relieves stress, calms the nerves, and uplifts the spirits.

Its medicinal benefits are that it not only slows the breath, but is helpful in lifting chest tensions, and coughing spasms. It can ease PMS and menopausal symptons.

It is also helpful in softening fine lines and wrinkles on mature skin, it tones and rejuvenates all skin types. Egyptian women used to grind the resin and use it for eyeliner.

This is a resinous scent from the Boswellia carterii tree found in Oman, and it is ethically wildcrafted.

Size: 5fl oz

srtsandalwoodSRT Sandalwood

Company: Silk Road Traveler
Botanical name: Santalum album
Source: Wood from India, Africa and Australia
Aroma Qualities: Relaxing, Centering and Freeing. Balsamic scent with a soft, sweet-woody essence.

Sandalwood has a warm woody scent. This essential oil is superior for skin care, and highly regarded by people in India, Asia for its meditative properties. Psychologically it calms the mind, and relieves stress, anxiety and tension. It is also an aphrodisiac and promotes emotional warmth.

Medicinal benefit of using Sandalwood are, it relieves muscle spasms, and reduces nervous stress. It is helpful for bronchitis, dry coughs, laryngitis, sore throats, and can help to heal the lungs by breathing in its vapors.

Size: 5 fl oz

be bug freeSRT Be Bug Free

Company: Silk Road Traveler
Source: Blended oil.
Perfume: none
Aroma Qualities: Insect repellant.

By using a variety of oils known for repelling insects-not just citronella-we've created a far more pleasing and effective aroma with lemongrass, eucalyptus, lavender, palmarosa, and citronella.

May be used as air spray, dilute 5 drops for every ounce of water.

Ingredients: Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Palmarosa, and Citronella.

Size: 5fl oz


headache blendSRT Headache Blend

Company: Silk Road Traveler
Source: Essential oils from various plants.
Perfume: none
Aroma Qualities: Cooling, sweet and enliving.

We recommend this blend for conditional headaches caused by conditions with the sinuses. Such as hormone fluctuation, chemical exposure, medication, and even sex.

May be diffused or used in an inhaler.

If applying to the skin dilute 5 drops to every ounce of carrier oil.

Ingredients: Peppermint, Lavender, Sweet Birch.

Size: 5fl oz.

srtpatchouliSRT Patchouli 

Company: Silk Road Traveler

Botanical Name: Pogostemon Cablin
Source: Leaf from India
Perfume: Base
Aroma Qualities: Clearing, Sharpening, Opening - Rich, earthy aroma with musky notes.

It is prized for its calming, relaxing aroma during meditation or yoga practice.
Can be applied topically to improve the appearance of skin.

Size: 5 fl oz

hempworx 500 750Hempworx CBD Oils 

We offer 500mg natural and peppermint flavored at 69.00 and 750mg natural and peppermint flavored at 89.00. Both sizes contain 100% plant extracted Hemp oil, no additives.

Please call 706-946-6294 to place an order, we ship via U.S. Post Priority,


go gree 500orangeGo Green Hemp 500mg

Flavored with natural Peppermint, also contains grapeseed oil and coconut oil. appx: 10mg of CBD per drop.


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