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Mission Statement

Silk Road Traveler, nestled in the resort town of Blue Ridge, Georgia is the retail outlet for Theosophy Foundation, Inc and for, the main website of the Foundation. In the book section we offer the largest selection of Theosophical Books, plus titles from many other areas of interest to the seeker. We start with the motivation from one of the sayings of the Theosophical movement, "No Religion Higher Than Truth." That search for truth has motivated the selection of books in Silk Road Traveler.


Helena P. Blavatsky is credited with founding the "new age" movement, and setting down the objectives to form a better world. The pursuit of these objectives leads one to a very wide-ranging search. Silk Road Traveler was established to help the seeker in his / her journey. To that end we have gathered a cornucopia of books, the breath and depth of material in this store is a tribute to the impulse Helena Blavatsky gave. Along our aisles we endeavor to lift the veils of many mysteries and uncover many byways.


The mission of Theosophy Foundation, Inc., along with its world reknown website is to promote universal brotherhood, to promote the fundamental principle that all is one, in order to bring about understanding and cooperation among all individuals, nations and religions. Currently the Foundation is working on re-introducing membership, and its famous forum. Your purchases help support the Foundation and the cause.


Thank you,

Estela Carson-Priede



 Three Fundamentals of Theosophy Foundation


1. To form a nucleus of universal brotherhood, that with time will radiate out to all sentient beings.


2. To study the ancient and modern religions, philosophies, and sciences in order to show the common thread through all; that once was the original wisdom religion.


3. To investigate the known and principally the unknown laws of Nature and of the Universe to better understand the reality we live in.  

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