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Sworn In Secrecy

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Sworn In Secrecy

by Sanford Holst

This exploration of the remarkable people and influential activities of Freemasonry is truly stunning. It sheds considerable new light on how this brotherhood's practices, symbols and rituals took shape and affected the world around it. "Born in Blood" began this work before its author passed away in 1996. Now noted historian Sanford Holst has brought together many more discoveries that bring to life this society's quiet leaders and far-reaching influence. The roots of Masonry are traced to Solomon's Temple, the rise of Christianity, and the Crusades. This society's relationships with stonemasons and the Knights Templar also take on new and significant meaning. We come to see how Masons were active in events that caused the fall of kings in Europe, the rise of democracy, and the Vatican's loss of its supreme position atop the Christian world. After this secretive society emerged into public view in 1717, it had a strong influence on George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and other Masons who helped create a new country in America. Those struggles are seen through the experiences of people who lived through these events--often told in their own words and drawn from remarkable collections of records dating from those times. Masonry remains active around the world, and its influences are still felt in our lives today. Forty-five illustrations brighten this memorable journey of discovery.


Book Details:

Santorini Publishing, March 30, 2012 edition

Paperback, 390 pages

1.5 lbs, 0.9x6x9


 holst sanford

Sanford Holst

Sanford Holst is the historian who wrote Amazon's #1 book on the Phoenicians, the secretive people who helped build Solomon's Temple. His published research and talks at universities around the world resulted in his being elected to the prestigious Royal Historical Society in England. As the master of a Masonic research lodge he was able to obtain access to manuscripts not normally seen by the public. He has explored archives and historic sites from Scotland to the Holy Land, and benefited from the work of many local experts. His informative websites are read by more than half a million people each year.


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